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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 08/Jun/2015
Workshop 03: The DuraCloud Workshop: "Clear Blue Skies" Training and Discussion
Location: Regency E

The DuraCloud Workshop: "Clear Blue Skies" Training and Discussion

Carissa Smith, Bill Branan

DuraSpace, United States of America

Workshop 08: A Hands-On Introduction to GeoBlacklight
Location: Regency E

A hands-on introduction to GeoBlacklight

Jack Reed

Stanford University, United States of America

Date: Thursday, 11/Jun/2015
FED1: Fedora Interest Group 1: Fedora 4 Deep Dive
Location: Regency E
Chair: Susan Agnes Lafferty

Fedora 4 Update

David Wilcox


Fedora Technical Working Group - Assessment of Fedora 4

Declan Fleming1, Esmé Cowles1, Zhiwu Xie2, Adam Soroka3

1: University of California, San Diego; 2: Virginia Tech; 3: University of Virginia

Upgrading? Migrating? There’s a portmanteau for that!

David Wilcox1, Michael Friscia2, Nick Ruest4, Adam Wead3

1: DuraSpace; 2: Yale University; 3: Penn State University; 4: York University

DSP2B: DSpace Interest Group 2B: Supporting Open Scholarship / Exploring Metrics
Location: Regency E
Chair: Sarah Potvin

Supporting Federally Funded Research Requirements with DSpace and SWORD

Hui Zhang, Michael Boock

Oregon State University, United States of America

Visualizing Open Access: building a scalable infrastructure to showcase the reach of MIT research

Richard Rodgers, Matt Bernhardt, Michael J Graves, Sean Thomas

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

Metadata based usage statistics for DSpace

Art Lowel, Lieven Droogmans


DSP3B: DSpace Interest Group 3B: DSpace-CRIS Workshop
Location: Regency E
Chair: Tim Donohue

DSpace-CRIS Workshop

Andrea Bollini1, Luigi Andrea Pascarelli1, Michele Mennielli1, David Palmer2

1: Cineca, Italy; 2: Hong Kong University