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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 08/Jun/2015
Workshop 05: Fedora Committers Meeting
Location: Network

Fedora Committers Meeting

Andrew Woods

Duraspace, United States of America

Workshop 10: Tutorial: Archivematica Digital Preservation Workflows
Location: Network

Tutorial: Archivematica digital preservation workflows

Courtney Mumma

Artefactual Systems, Inc., Canada

Date: Tuesday, 09/Jun/2015
P1D: Developer Track 1
Location: Network
Chair: Adam Field

Munging your data in Java with five times less code

Liz Krznarich, Laura Paglione, Rob Peters

ORCID, United States of America

Microservices with Docker and Go

Richard Wincewicz

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

DSpace UI enhancements, visualizations and Python scripting

Ivan Masar


Vagrant-DSpace Live Demo

Hardy Joseph Pottinger

University of Missouri, United States of America

SobekCM : A true standards-based, structured, user-friendly approach to APIs and open data

Mark Sullivan

Sobek Digital Hosting & Consulting, LLC, United States of America

P3D: Developer Track 2
Location: Network
Chair: Claire Knowles

Metadata Extraction as a Service

William Gunn

Mendeley, United Kingdom

Doing DevOps for a Perfect Repository Environment

Glen Horton

University of Cincinnati Libraries, United States of America

Archidora: Leveraging Archivematica preservation services with an Islandora front-end

Justin Simpson

Artefactual Systems, Inc., Canada

Data Citation Box

Jozef MiĊĦutka

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Publishing Datasets from an Open Access Repository As Linked Data

Hui Zhang

Oregon State University, United States of America

Date: Thursday, 11/Jun/2015
DSP1: DSpace Interest Group 1: DSpace Strategic Plan and Road Map
Location: Network
Chair: Sean Thomas

DSpace Long Term RoadMap / Strategic Direction

Tim Donohue1, Maureen Walsh2, Jonathan Markow1

1: DuraSpace, United States of America; 2: Ohio State University

DSP2A: DSpace Interest Group 2A: DSpace 5 / Managing Research (and Open) Data
Location: Network
Chair: Maureen Walsh

Introducing DSpace 5

Kim Shepherd1, Hardy Pottinger2, Tim Donohue3

1: The University of Auckland, New Zealand; 2: University of Missouri; 3: Duraspace Ltd

Durable Item Relations for DSpace 6

Tom Van Gulck1, Jan Lievens1, Bram Luyten2

1: Flemish Government department of Environment, Nature and Energy; 2: @mire, Belgium

What does it take to add data to my repository?

Ryan Scherle

Dryad Digital Repository

DSP3A: DSpace Interest Group 3A: Review Workflow Workshop
Location: Network
Chair: Bram Luyten

DSpace review workflow: the next generation

Andrea Schweer

The University of Waikato, New Zealand