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Session Overview
Workshop 01: Fedora 4 Training Workshop
Monday, 08/Jun/2015:
9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Regency C
90 Seats


Fedora 4 Training Workshop

David Wilcox, Andrew Woods


Fedora is a flexible, extensible repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content. Fedora 4, the newly released, revitalized version of Fedora, introduces a host of new features and functionality that both new and existing Fedora users are interested in learning about and experiencing first-hand.

This workshop will provide an introduction to and overview of Fedora 4, with a focus on the latest features. Fedora 4 implements the W3C Linked Data Platform 1.0 specification, so a section of the workshop will be dedicated to a discussion about LDP and the implications for Fedora 4 and linked data. Developers interested in working on Fedora 4 will learn about the software development process and procedures, as well as the tools and standards used by the development team. Finally, attendees will participate in a hands-on session that will give them a chance to install, configure, and explore Fedora 4 by following step-by-step instructions.

Wilcox-Fedora 4 Training Workshop-122.pdf