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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 09/Jun/2015
P1B: Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Archives
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Carol Minton Morris

tranScriptorium : computer aided, crowd sourced transcription of hand written text (for repositories?)

Rory McNicholl, Timothy Miles-Board

University of London, United Kingdom

The Media Ecology Project – Online Access for Scholars Adds Value to Media Archives

Mark Williams1, John Bell1, Mark Cooper2

1: Dartmouth College, United States of America; 2: University of South Carolina

Building the Perfect Repository for Archival Collections: Lessons Learned from the Henry A. Kissinger Papers Project

Kevin L. Glick, Rebecca Hirsch, Steelsen Smith

Yale University Library, United States of America

P2B: Image Management
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Jonathan Markow

Mirador: A Cross-Repository Image Comparison and Annotation Platform

Robert Sanderson, Stuart Snydman, Drew Winget, Benjamin Albritton, Tom Cramer

Stanford University, United States of America

Crowdsourcing of image metadata: Say what you see

Claire Knowles1, Sukdith Punjasthitkul2, Scott Renton1, Gavin Willshaw1, Geoff Kaufman2, Mary Flanagan2

1: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: Dartmouth College, United States of America

Authenticated Access to Distributed Image Repositories

Robert Sanderson1, Jon Stroop2, Simeon Warner3, Michael Appleby4

1: Stanford University; 2: Princeon University; 3: Cornell University; 4: Yale University

P3B: Managing Rights
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Amy Buckland

[24x7] A Request to Vet System for Opening Potentially Culturally Sensitive Material

​Scott Ziegler

American Philosophical Society, United States of America

[24x7] Growing Hydraheads at Yale University Library

Eric Robert James

Yale Library, United States of America

YOU MUST COMPLY!!! Funder mandates and OA compliance checking

Richard Jones

Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

Panel: DMCA takedown notices: managing practices from the perspective of institutional repositories

Simone Sacchi1, Kathryn Pope1, Katie Fortney2, George Porter3, Donna Ferullo4

1: Columbia University, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship; 2: University of California, California Digital Library; 3: California Institute of Technology, Caltech Library; 4: Purdue University, University Copyright Office

Date: Wednesday, 10/Jun/2015
P4B: Supporting Open Scholarship and Open Science
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: David Wilcox

Panel: Avalon Media System: Community Implementation and Sustainability

Jon W. Dunn1, Mike Durbin3, Hannah Frost4, Debs Cane2, Julie Rudder2

1: Indiana University; 2: Northwestern University; 3: University of Virginia; 4: Stanford University

Prototypes of pro-active approaches to support the archiving of web references for scholarly communications

Richard Wincewicz1, Peter Burnhill1, Herbert Van de Sompel2

1: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Repository Power: How Repositories can support Open Access Mandates

Pedro Principe1, Najla Rettberg2, Jochen Schirrwagen3, Eloy Rodrigues1, José Carvalho1, Paolo Manghi4, Natalia Manola5

1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: University of Goettingen, Germany; 3: University of Bielefeld, Germany; 4: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy; 5: National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

P5B: Metadata / Exploring Metrics and Assessment
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Elin Stangeland

User Search Terms and Controlled Subject Vocabularies in an Institutional Repository

Scott Hanrath, Erik Radio

University of Kansas, United States of America

Metadata at a crossroads: shifting ‘from strings to things’ for Hydra North

Sharon Farnel

University of Alberta Libraries, Canada

"How much?": Aggregating usage data from Repositories in the UK

Ross MacIntyre1, Paul Needham2, Jo Alcock3, Jo Lambert1

1: Jisc, United Kingdom; 2: Cranfield University, United Kingdom; 3: Evidence Base, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

Incorporating COUNTER compliant download statistics into an EPrints repository

Alan Stiles

The Open University, United Kingdom

P6B: Ideas Challenge
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Adam Field
Chair: Claire Knowles