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Session Overview
DSP3B: DSpace Interest Group 3B: DSpace-CRIS Workshop
Thursday, 11/Jun/2015:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Tim Donohue
Location: Regency E
50 Seats


DSpace-CRIS Workshop

Andrea Bollini1, Luigi Andrea Pascarelli1, Michele Mennielli1, David Palmer2

1Cineca, Italy; 2Hong Kong University

The 90-minute workshop will introduce attendees to the latest version of the DSpace-CRIS module, covering its functional and technical aspects.

DSpace-CRIS is an additional open-source module for the DSpace platform. It extends the DSpace data model providing the ability to manage, collect and expose data about any entities of the research domain, such as people, organizational units, projects, grants, awards, patents, publications, and so on. Before OR2015 a new version of the system will be released to follow the new DSpace 5.0 version. The new version contains, among other things, important enhancements of its integration with ORCID.

The DSpace-CRIS extensible data model will be explained in depth, through examples and discussion with participants.

Other main topics are DSpace-CRIS "components", management of relationships and network analysis functionalities.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

- understand the DSpace-CRIS data model

- evaluate if DSpace-CRIS fits the requirements of their institution

- use the DSpace-CRIS User Interface

- change the default configuration, adapting it to a specific data model.

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