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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 09/Jun/2015
Location: Cosmopolitan AB
Location: Regency Foyer
Welcome to OR2015
Location: Regency A-D
PLN1: Opening Plenary: Leveraging the Web for Research, Kaitlin Thaney (Mozilla Science Lab)
Location: Regency A-D
Location: Cosmopolitan AB
P1A: Linked Open Data (LOD)
Location: Regency A-D
Chair: Simeon Warner

Fedora4: The Open Linked Data Platform

Andrew Woods1, Rob Sanderson2

1: Duraspace, United States of America; 2: Stanford University

Ozmeka: extending the Omeka repository to make linked-data research data collections for all research disciplines

Peter Sefton1, Sharyn Wise1, Peter Bugeia2

1: University of Technology Sydney, Australia; 2: Intersect limited, Australia

Why FRBRoo and CIDOC CRM are great for expressing (Linked, Open) Ethnographic Research Data

Rosemary Le Faive

University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

P1B: Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Archives
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Carol Minton Morris

tranScriptorium : computer aided, crowd sourced transcription of hand written text (for repositories?)

Rory McNicholl, Timothy Miles-Board

University of London, United Kingdom

The Media Ecology Project – Online Access for Scholars Adds Value to Media Archives

Mark Williams1, John Bell1, Mark Cooper2

1: Dartmouth College, United States of America; 2: University of South Carolina

Building the Perfect Repository for Archival Collections: Lessons Learned from the Henry A. Kissinger Papers Project

Kevin L. Glick, Rebecca Hirsch, Steelsen Smith

Yale University Library, United States of America

P1C: Re-using Repository Content
Location: Theory
Chair: Elin Stangeland

[24x7] A basic tool for migrating to Fedora 4

Michael Durbin

University of Virginia Library, United States of America

[24x7] Virtual Local Repositories

Steven Carl Anderson, Eben English

Boston Public Library, United States of America

[24x7] The Food Map - Adding Value to Re-Purposed Data

Adam Christopher Doan

University of Guelph, Canada

Leverage DSpace for an enterprise, mission critical platform

Andrea Bollini, Michele Mennielli

Cineca, Italy

10 years of „Bielefeld Academic Search Engine“ (BASE): Looking at the past and future of the world wide repository landscape from a service providers perspective

Dirk Pieper, Friedrich Summann

Bielefeld University, Germany

P1D: Developer Track 1
Location: Network
Chair: Adam Field

Munging your data in Java with five times less code

Liz Krznarich, Laura Paglione, Rob Peters

ORCID, United States of America

Microservices with Docker and Go

Richard Wincewicz

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

DSpace UI enhancements, visualizations and Python scripting

Ivan Masar


Vagrant-DSpace Live Demo

Hardy Joseph Pottinger

University of Missouri, United States of America

SobekCM : A true standards-based, structured, user-friendly approach to APIs and open data

Mark Sullivan

Sobek Digital Hosting & Consulting, LLC, United States of America

Location: Cosmopolitan AB
P2A: Integrating with External Systems: the use case of ORCID
Location: Regency A-D
Chair: Maureen Walsh

Panel: So we all have ORCID integrations, now what?

Rick Johnson1, Hardy Pottinger2, Ryan Scherle3, Peter West4, Bram Luyten5

1: University of Notre Dame; 2: University of Missouri System; 3: Dryad Digital Repository; 4: Digital Repository Services Ltd; 5: @mire

Horizontal vs vertical organizations of repositories

Robert Peters, Laura Paglione

ORCID, Inc, United States of America

P2B: Image Management
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Jonathan Markow

Mirador: A Cross-Repository Image Comparison and Annotation Platform

Robert Sanderson, Stuart Snydman, Drew Winget, Benjamin Albritton, Tom Cramer

Stanford University, United States of America

Crowdsourcing of image metadata: Say what you see

Claire Knowles1, Sukdith Punjasthitkul2, Scott Renton1, Gavin Willshaw1, Geoff Kaufman2, Mary Flanagan2

1: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: Dartmouth College, United States of America

Authenticated Access to Distributed Image Repositories

Robert Sanderson1, Jon Stroop2, Simeon Warner3, Michael Appleby4

1: Stanford University; 2: Princeon University; 3: Cornell University; 4: Yale University

P2C: Developing and Training Staff
Location: Theory
Chair: Sarah Shreeves

Panel: Hacking the Community: A Model for Open Source Engagement

David Wilcox1, Nick Ruest2, Tom Cramer3

1: DuraSpace; 2: York University; 3: Stanford University

Preparing for the 21st Century Repository: Needs, Practices and Frameworks for Library-based Repository Staff

Padraic Stack1, Caleb Derven2

1: Maynooth University, Ireland; 2: University of Limerick, Ireland

Location: Cosmopolitan AB
P3A: Integrating with External Systems
Location: Regency A-D
Chair: Maureen Walsh

[24x7] ORCID Integration: Services to Create and Use ORCID IDs at KAUST

Daryl Grenz, Mohamed Baessa

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

[24x7] From archives to repository: an archival collection management system and repository integration case study

Erin Faulder

Tufts University, United States of America

[24x7] 77 Lines of XSLT and a Roll of Duct Tape: ArchivesSpace as Metadata Hub in a Multi-Repository Environment

Kevin Clair

University of Denver Libraries, United States of America

Making Connections: The SHARE Notification Service and the Open Science Framework

Erin Braswell

Center for Open Science, United States of America

“Headless” Metadata for Library Discovery: NYU’s Ichabod Project

Carol Kassel, Ekaterina Pechekhonova, Daniel Lovins, Corey Harper

NYU, United States of America

Integration with external systems and services: challenges and opportunities

Balviar Notay

Jisc, United Kingdom

P3B: Managing Rights
Location: Regency E-F
Chair: Amy Buckland

[24x7] A Request to Vet System for Opening Potentially Culturally Sensitive Material

​Scott Ziegler

American Philosophical Society, United States of America

[24x7] Growing Hydraheads at Yale University Library

Eric Robert James

Yale Library, United States of America

YOU MUST COMPLY!!! Funder mandates and OA compliance checking

Richard Jones

Cottage Labs, United Kingdom

Panel: DMCA takedown notices: managing practices from the perspective of institutional repositories

Simone Sacchi1, Kathryn Pope1, Katie Fortney2, George Porter3, Donna Ferullo4

1: Columbia University, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship; 2: University of California, California Digital Library; 3: California Institute of Technology, Caltech Library; 4: Purdue University, University Copyright Office

P3C: Developing and Training Staff (continued)
Location: Theory
Chair: Sarah Shreeves

Panel: Building a culture of distributed access in shared digital repository services

Robin Dean1, Peter Murray2, Karen Estlund3

1: Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries; 2: LYRASIS; 3: University of Oregon Libraries

Panel: Evolve: From Project Manager to Service Manager

Carolyn Caizzi1, Julie Rudder1, Patricia Hswe2, Hannah Frost3, Tony Navarrete3, Greg Colati4, Jennifer Eustis4

1: Northwestern University, United States of America; 2: Penn State; 3: Stanford University; 4: University of Connecticut

P3D: Developer Track 2
Location: Network
Chair: Claire Knowles

Metadata Extraction as a Service

William Gunn

Mendeley, United Kingdom

Doing DevOps for a Perfect Repository Environment

Glen Horton

University of Cincinnati Libraries, United States of America

Archidora: Leveraging Archivematica preservation services with an Islandora front-end

Justin Simpson

Artefactual Systems, Inc., Canada

Data Citation Box

Jozef Mišutka

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Publishing Datasets from an Open Access Repository As Linked Data

Hui Zhang

Oregon State University, United States of America

SOC1: Poster Reception
Location: Regency Foyer
Chair: Amy Buckland

A case-study: Using the pdfminer python package and fuzzy matching to triage digitized legacy theses and dissertations for repository ingest.

Seth Robbins

University of Illinois, United States of America

A Permanent Home for Ephemeral Policies: Integrating DSpace with an Enterprise Content Management System in an Institutional Archive

Nicholas Webb

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

Accelerating Access - Making Open Access Policies Work From Day One

Graham Triggs1, Justin Gonder2, Catherine Mitchell2

1: Symplectic, United Kingdom; 2: California Digital Library

Achieving Ambitious Agendas with Limited Means at the University of Cincinnati

Linda D. Newman, Ted Baldwin, Eira Tansey

University of CIncinnati, United States of America

Adding content reporting to DSpace

Andrea Schweer1, Jenni Barr2, Deirdre Congdon2, Megan Symes2

1: The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand; 2: AgResearch Limited, Hamilton, New Zealand


Laurence Bianchini, Damien Vannson, Virginie Simon

MyScienceWork, United States of America

An Implementation of Technical Revision in DSpace Allowing Open Educational Resource Browser Access

Manuela Klanovicz Ferreira, Zaida Horowitz, Janise Silva Borges da Costa, Caterina Groposo Pavão

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS – Data Processing Center, Brazil

Better metrics through metadata: a study of the use of persistent identifiers in IRs

Stacy Konkiel1, Nickoal Eichmann2

1: Impactstory, USA/Canada; 2: Mississippi State University Libraries, USA

Building CALiO™ – A Repository and Digital Library for Field Practitioners

David N. King

National Children's Advocacy Center, United States of America

Building Research Data Repositories for the Humanities and Area Studies with CKAN (and Some Extensions)

Cheng-Jen Lee, Huang-Sin Syu, Yao-Hsien Yeh, Tyng-Ruey Chuang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan

COAR Roadmap: Future Directions for Repository Interoperability

Kathleen Shearer1, Friedrich Summann2, Katharina Mueller1, Maxie Putlitz1

1: COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories), Canada; 2: University of Bielefeld

Emerging Practices for Researcher Name Disambiguation in Institutional Repositories

Melissa Christine Lohrey

Virginia Tech University Libraries

Introducing the FSD’s repository management & discovery tools and software development approach

Tuomas J. Alaterä

Finnish Social Science Data Archive, Finland

There is Life After Grant Funding: How Islandora Struck Out On Its Own

Melissa Anez1, Mark Leggott1,2

1: Islandora Foundation; 2: University of Prince Edward Island

User-Testing of DRUM: What Academic Researchers Want from an Open Access Data Repository

Lisa R. Johnston, Erik A Moore, Eric Larson

University of Minnesota, United States of America

Zenodo - One year of research software via GitHub integration!

Lars Holm Nielsen, Tibor Simko

CERN, Switzerland

Digital Preservation the Hard Way: recovering from an accidental deletion, with just a database snapshot and a backup tape

Hardy Joseph Pottinger

University of Missouri, United States of America

Integrating institutional repository, researcher directory and library catalog using ORCID and Next-L Enju

Kosuke Tanabe

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Leveraging Repository Communities to Highlight Scholarly Content

Sarah Jean Sweeney

Northeastern University, United States of America

Metadata Form Creation System

Michael Robert Bond

West Virginia University Libraries, United States of America

Now we are 13, Open Research Online becomes a teenager

Alan Stiles, Chris Biggs, Nicola Dowson

The Open University, United Kingdom

Reducing metadata errors in an IR with distributed submission privileges

Colleen Lyon, Gilbert Borrego, Melanie Cofield

University of Texas at Austin, United States of America

Repository Cross-Linking at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Jennifer Phillips, Matthew Mayernik

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), United States of America

Reworking the Workflow: Easy On Acceptance Deposits

Graham Triggs

Symplectic, United Kingdom

SEAD People, Data, Things: Linked profiles for decision making

Scott McCaulay, Inna Kouper, Robert McDonald, Beth Plale

Indiana University, United States of America

System for cross-organizational big data analysis of Japanese institutional repositories

Takurou Kawamura1, Kenichi Igarashi2, Hiroshi Kato3, Akira Maeda3, Toshihiro Aoyama4, Kazutsuna Yamaji3, Sho Sato5

1: Hiroshima University, Japan; 2: Keio University, Japan; 3: Nationl Institute of Informatics, Japan; 4: Suzuka National College of Technology, Japan; 5: Doshisha University, Japan

Toward an Improved Understanding of Research Data Management Needs: Designing and Using a Rubric to Analyze Data Management Plans

Susan W. Parham1, Patricia Hswe2, Amanda L. Whitmire3, Jake Carlson4, Lizzy Rolando1, Brian D. Westra5

1: Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2: Penn State, United States of America; 3: Oregon State University, United States of America; 4: University of Michigan, United States of America; 5: University of Oregon, United States of America

The Open Shape Learning Object Repository: A Hybrid 3D Object and Open Educational Resource Repository

Steven Van Tuyl, Margaret Mellinger

Oregon State University, United States of America

Packaging DSpace Ingest Folders with FileAnalyzer

Terrence W Brady

Georgetown University Library, United States of America

Not Entirely Unlike - CRIS Integration With Fedora

Graham Triggs

Symplectic, United Kingdom

Successfully lobbying for and implementing increased repository staffing: the Iowa State University experience

Harrison W. Inefuku

Iowa State University, United States of America

Visualizing Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Susan Borda, Leila Sterman

Montana State University, United States of America

DSpaceDirect: Lowering the Barriers to Open Source Repositories

Carissa Smith

DuraSpace, United States of America

Institutional Repository cures Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery

Yuko Matsumoto1, Misaki Niioka2, Masako Suzuki3, Shigeki Sugita4

1: Hiroshima University Library; 2: University of Tsukuba Library; 3: Shizuoka University Library; 4: Chiba University Library

The Road Forward: Faculty Reporting System, Institutional Repository, and Research Portal Integration at the University of Arizona

Kimberly Chapman, Maliaca Oxnam

University of Arizona Libraries, United States of America

The Open Science Framework: Connecting and Supporting the Research Workflow

Andrew Sallans, Sara Bowman

Center for Open Science, United States of America

Visual user interfaces of a digital repository for multimedial linguistic corpora. Components and extensions of the HZSK Repository.

Daniel Jettka

Universität Hamburg, Germany

Media Preservation and Access with HydraDAM2 and Fedora 4

Karen Cariani1, Jon W. Dunn2

1: WGBH Media Library and Archives, United States of America; 2: Indiana University, United States of America

Dash: Exploiting Hydra/Blacklight for Repository-Agnostic Data Curation

Stephen Abrams, Shirin Faenza, Marisa Strong, Bhavitavya Vedula

California Digital Library

How compliance will forever change ‘academic publishing’.

Mark Hahnel

figshare, United Kingdom

Sharing and reusing data legally

Jozef Mišutka, Amir Kamran, Ondřej Košarko, Michal Sedlák, Pavel Straňák

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Globus Software as a Service data publication and discovery

Kyle Chard, Jim Pruyne, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Steve Tuecke, Ian Foster

University of Chicago, United States of America

Equal partners? Improving the integration between DSpace and Symplectic Elements

Kate Miller1, Craig Murdoch2, Andrea Schweer3

1: The University of Waikato Library, Hamilton, New Zealand; 2: Auckland University of Technology Library, New Zealand; 3: The University of Waikato ITS, Hamilton, New Zealand

E-quilt prototype: research of experiment in scenario of data sharing



Diversity or Perversity? An Assessment of Indonesian Higher Education Institutional Repositories

Toong Tjiek Liauw1,2, Paul Genoni1

1: Curtin University, Australia; 2: Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Widget Integration in Open Repositories: Real World Experiences with the PlumX Widget

Marianne Parkhill

Plum Analytics, United States of America

Looking for Solid Ground During Consolidation: The DigitalCommons, Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University

Aajay Murphy

Kennesaw State University, United States of America

Hydra North: Moving forward with 10 years of repository history Babysteps to a solid centralized Digital Asset Management System

Weiwei Shi

University of Alberta Libraries, Canada

Sharing Scholarly Journal Articles Through University Institutional Repositories Using Publisher Supplied Data and Links

Judith C. Russell1, Alicia Wise2

1: University of Florida, United States of America; 2: Elsevier

Funding models for open access digital repositories

Dermot Frost1, Rob Kitchin2, Sandra Collins3

1: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 2: National University of Maynooth, Ireland; 3: Royal Irish Academy, Ireland

Harmonizing Research Management and Repository Functionality to Support Open Science

Brigitte Joerg, Nigel Robinson, Thorsten Hoellrigl, Mark Matthews

Thomson Reuters, United Kingdom

Data sharing requirements for decision-making in Brazilian biodiversity conservation



System Integration between Sakai and Fedora 4

Osman Din

Yale Unviersity, United States of America

The Past, Present, & Future of Capturing the Scholarly Record of a Small Comprehensive U.S. Institution: Toward a Sustained Repository Content Recruitment and Workflow Strategy

Jonathan Bull1, Teresa Schultz2

1: Valparaiso University, United States of America; 2: Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, United States of America

Starting from scratch – building the perfect digital repository

Violeta Ilik, Piotr Hebal, Kristi Holmes

Northwestern University, United States of America